Maryland Business Litigation Attorneys

If you operate a business, chances are that you will at some point need a Maryland Business Law Attorney, one experienced in Business Litigation.

We can help your company navigate the murky waters of Maryland Business Law. The Law Office of Dondi West can assist with the formation of business entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, and general partnerships and assist with the maintenance of required by-laws, minutes, and other entity documents.

We also handle jury trials, arbitrations, and trials to the judge, involving:

  • fraud and deceptive trade practices
  • contract disputes
  • refusals of insurance claims
  • real estate
  • collections and recovery
  • creditors’ rights
  • partnership and corporate disputes
  • foreclosure
  • business disputes
  • oil and gas
  • securities fraud
  • employment contracts
  • business sales and purchases
  • lender/borrower relations